One of those mornings

Still lying on my bed, checking out twitter, path and other socmed. Suddenly, I just felt like crying. Last night on dinner, me and my friends were discussing about depression. How that everyone must have had a depression in one point of their lifetime. Maybe this is what is happening to me right now? I’m not sure myself. Or, maybe this is just pure heartbreak?

I guess because of stress of day to day life in this city, challenges that people and I face daily what causes depression. I’m no psychologist so I don’t know the symptoms. All I know, there are certain triggers that just make me want to cry one time, or just become irritated.

What I love about the discussion between 3 women last night was there was no judgement, that shit just happens and talking about it doesn’t mean your bad but just someone who is willing to acknowledge and that’s just part of taking responsibility. I’m not the type who runs away from problems or mistakes. It gets scary yes, and I do panic when I have to face the consequences but I never run.

So, why is it sometimes I get the feeling that most people have this opinion that visiting a shrink or a specialist makes you nuts? I don’t think so. The way I see it is you are acknowledging you have a problem and you are doing something to help you face it because you can’t do it alone. Just like I did when I talked to my counselor, and I think I need to have a chat with her again coz what has happened is still haunting me and killing me inside.


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