As I lie on my bed, I pray
Pray for the life I have
All the joy, all the sorrow
All the laughter, all the tears
All the love and every pain of today
I’m not the religious type
So I pray for what I know and don’t know
Pray for my family’s happiness
Pray for my friend’s happiness
No matter how I’ve been treated or hurt
I will still pray for them
Even when I’m still misunderstood
I pray for my heart
The one that has always stood by me
Telling the truth
Keeping me in love even when I start to get bitter
Keeping me care even when I hurt
I pray my heart to open other hearts, for them to love and trust again
I pray my heart stays strong even I’ve been knocked down a million times
No, i’m not religious
I just trust my heart..  it always tells me good and for me goodness is religion
I pray for you, no matter what has happened
No matter how many times I get misunderstood, used and ignored
I pray my heart has opened a little crack in yours, so u might see your heart and trust it again


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