Healing soul

I haven’t posted for the longest time. Most of my thoughts has been negative, now I’m going to share a blessing.

I went on a short trip yesterday to Moko Highlands in Bandung Indonesia. Plus a week working in Southeast Maluku, a week ago. Being together with nature and having friends who don’t judge is so healing. Makes me appreciate the simplest things in life.

Sounds cliché, yeah, I know but that’s how I feel. Healing. Warm. Loved. Accepted. Not judged. Respected and worthy.

There’s some bitching, but there’s also appreciating the silence and company of each other. Singing the simplest song with the silliest modification. Like our souls can communicate with each other in it’s truest or authentic form. Makes me stay on the ground and just focus on what I have in front of me.

So.. You,  who have and still judge me, judge all you want! Assume the worst of me. Don’t forget to look in the mirror though. Like it or not, it reflects who you really are.

I’m not trying to be perfect, I’m only human.


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