The first of 2014

The first day of 2014
The first day of a new journey
My journey
Tears keep falling out of fear
Fear of what has been in the past
Fear of what might happen
No fear of today
Be brave will you..
I keep saying to myself
Cry if you must, but keep on moving
Keep on feeling
Keep on smiling through the tears
Keep on living
It is scary
But if you face it one day at a time
You’ll be fine
You are stronger than you think
So move even when you’re shaking with fear
Even if it feels like a dead end for you now
Even when you’re on your own
But you’re never actually alone
You’ve got you
And that’s actually enough, don’t you think?
Why care what others feel, think or say?
You know your heart
You know who you can become
Believe in you again…
Forgive yourself
Love you again…
One day at a time
Who you are is a gift
Never forget that


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