Sometimes there are just things better left untold and unknown. Some truths will just cause hurt. Even feelings are sometimes best kept shut for no one to know but myself. The only thing left to do is to bear the consequences of that choice. There’s no free lunch as some say. For every choice has its consequences.

Am I ready for it? Should I tell or not tell? What’s the point of asking these questions because some choices already have clear consequences? It will ruin the harmony of things. Why bother asking it?

The mind does play tricks on you, does it? There’s a battle between common sense and desire. What will it be? What will I choose? What will you choose if you were in this situation? Knowing already the outcome of knowing.

What I need is a long big and warm hug… Cry and cry and cry… (again! Pfftt..)
Hug me please…
But that will only help for a while, coz strength even if I don’t know how comes from lifting myself up, isn’t it?


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