Mirror, mirror on the wall…..
Who am I? What must I do? What do I want?

I ask myself over and over again. Looking inside the mirror. Looking at me asking myself… What do u want?? With tears in her eyes. With hands clutching her stomach in pain, in sadness. Pushing me to find the answer and stop running away and avoiding the pain and the sadness. Telling me.. It’s ok… To feel all the pain.. The sadness.. It’s part of life. Telling me to be brave. Look inside. Get inside all the pain to find you truly are. Believe in you.

But I say to my reflection over and over.. I can’t. I’m scared. I’m not brave enough. I can’t do it on my own.

And always.. Silence.. Pain.. Sadness.. Emptiness..

Will I find it? Will I have the courage to get into it and get through?


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