Let it go

Birds fly and surrender to the wind
It lets the wind lift and move its body
Yet it still has control on where to go
Feel the coolness of the wind
The warmth of the sun
Admire the beauty of the sky and of the earth
That warmth fills its body
Of love, of balance, of wisdom
It has to surrender to what is mightier
It needs to embrace what is
Sometimes brave
Sometimes unsure with where to go
Or what might happen
Am I like that bird?
Surrendering and letting go is a choice
Moment by moment
All the words in the world
All the wisdom man has encounter means nothing
When I don’t discover it myself
Wisdom is personal
It does attract certain souls
But do we really know what’s best?
We only know when it has happened
We only know when it’s aggreable
I only know this
Yet at the same time, I don’t know..
What do I need?
Will my life always stay like this?
Will I ever have the courage to find my smile back?
Will I ever have the courage to let it go?
I don’t know…
Do you?


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