Actually it’s D-2 still. My 34th birthday is this Saturday. This past week has been filled with pondering and reflecting. Crying. Sometimes happy. Smiles. Blushing. More crying. Sadness. Anger. Pain. Touched. Overwhelmed.

So, what have I accomplished? I still have lots to learn. Specially about myself. Still have lots of me to be shared. Parts I may haven’t discovered yet about me. Regrets? No. Guilt, yes. Gratitude, yes. Which are just some of the things I need to uncover for myself.

My prayer to myself is I wish I become this woman who is proud of herself, loves herself and make a stand of what she strongly believes : love and compassion. I wish I continue loving no matter what. Become mature. Be able to be smart about my emotions. Be the woman who create a place where her family and friends feel at home. Be the greatest Mom for her child. Play with her child. Be his best friend. Having fun because she loves it. Always stay warm. Having the ability to really love the people who matters. Family, best friends, YOU.

I know I’m not perfect, and it’s ok.
It’s ok to be alone. I’ll be fine.


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