Similarly Different

Every person is different. Every person is the same.

Every human being wants happiness, needs love and affection, needs to feel safe, need nourishment and many more to survive. Yep! That’s it, to survive.

Who would want to get hurt and feel pain? I guess that’s the learning point. Whatever choice you make in life, everything that comes with that choice is something we, I as a human being need to learn to accept “the consequences”. That’s the struggle or battle for me. Yep! I just like the ones I like of course, the ones that won’t hurt me. Survival? Selfish? Aren’t we all?

Someone told me, the only one you can trust and rely on is yourself. Yet, there are still people who hurt themselves eventhough they know the consequences of their actions. Just like I do.

In the end.. It is yin yang. Balance. One cannot exist without the other. The question now is, am I willing to accept it all? All the consequences. All that might happen. Will i see only “what if” and worry or, just live moment by moment and enjoy everything that comes no matter how it may make me feel?

Let it flow. Don’t think about it too much. Just be. Ha! Another self affirmation.


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