Blame 2

It is easier to blame others. You take away the responsibility of your actions. So you can just not think about it anymore. If you truly see though, did the other person really make you do all the things you did?

The other person just said one thing, “you’re holding me back”. Does that mean that’s the absolute truth?

You may have said or did things that made the other person think or feel that way. But, remember you also said and did different things to make it better, to make it different. Shouldn’t you appreciate yourself for that effort? You did well…

How about the other person? Why bother if that person doesn’t even bother thinking about it? Every man is in it for themselves. For their own convenience. But humans are not. Humans care and they’re not afraid to face what’s in front of them. Not only because it’s convenient or not only because it is interesting for them. Interest can be lost.

When you care, you just care. When you love, you just love. It’s crystal clear. No confusion. No excuses.

Ask yourself. Is this really worth it? Blaming yourself for all this? Why should there be blame anyway? There’s no blaming in love. You know this. You just give.

Let go of the blame.
You are responsible for your actions, like every one else is responsible for their own actions.
Let them be.
Let love grow and always be given away.
That has and will always be who you are.


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