Drops of reality

Drops of water coming down my face
I can’t seem to stop
Yes, stopping is always a problem for me
I keep on moving
Right now, I’m moving in circles
Wanting what I cannot have
Needing the unreachable
The only way I know is this
Letting the drops become a stream
Running around in a circle of storm
Clouded by what I thought was real
No.. I know it is real for me
That’s what matters
Every happiness and sorrow
It’s all real
Now, I’m in the shadow of memories
Too scared to move
What now?
Stay and not move
Or, pick myself up bit by bit ?
I’ve been through worst than this
Yet, I keep picking myself up and moving
What’s the difference now?
Time for me to think about me
Make me a priority in my life
To appreciate my beauty
Yes, i’m beautiful
Time for me to believe in me again
I’m a brave, honest and loving woman
Brave in showing myself, living my life
Honest about me, about my feelings
Loving myself and others
Remember it!!
So, GET UP!!
Be the beautiful self I already am
Just because I’m worth it
Nothing less


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