The truth is,  you are your only hero.  There’s no Knight or prince or princess or heroine who can save your soul no matter how hard you want it.  It’s just you. 

How you think,  how you feel,  what you say and mostly what you believe about yourself is the only thing that can save your soul.  Your sanity.  Faith in your own beauty.  Faith in who you can become.  It’s in your hands,  head and heart. 

I’ve been struggling at this almost half of my life.  I realized I haven’t gone better at it. I’m somewhere lost.  Searching  for someone or something outside of me to save me.  That’s why I got lost.  Searching for something which is already in here.  In me.

This is a reminder for me to appreciate and respect others as well. And to respect and love myself most importantly.  I need to be brave.  For me.  For inner peace.  For my son. 


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