Self inflicted pain

“No one can hurt you without your consent.” I know that in my bones,  but I keep letting it happen to me.  Not once or twice,  but over and over again.  It’s like I don’t learn from my mistakes.  Keep doing the same thing.  Keep giving away my heart too much,  and I manage to always end up broken in the end. 

What happens to those who choose to leave? Do they even care I’m hurting?  Do they even have the guts to talk to me? No.  They just pretend none of it happened.  They just pretend like they just knew me for the first time.  Like I’m a stranger.  And who ends up hurt and broken?  Myself.  I inflict all the hurt to myself, knowing that this always happen when I give too much.

In my head, I know all this. That it hurts, it makes me sad and makes me angry.  Angry to myself for being so stupid and for getting myself all worked up by a couple ppl. 

Stupid how I keep on punishing myself . 


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