So what

So what if people decided to leave me?  I just feel alone and lost when the person I care about so much leave and ignore me.  So what if you feel alone and lost? It hurts.  So what if it hurts?  It paralyzes me.  So what if it paralyzes?  I can’t think clearly.  I lose my heart.  I lose myself.  I feel more insecure. I feel useless.  So what if I feel useless?  Isn’t  every being in this earth useful?  But I just feel others are better,  Kinder,  just more than me.  So what if others are more and better?  I feel so small. Like I’m not worth it.  So what if I feel not worthy?  I feel I’m hurting myself.  Falling even deeper down into darkness,  not being able to lift myself up.  So what if I’m not able to lift myself?  Then,  I’ll just stay there and more people will leave.  Even the ones who stuck with me.  So what if people leave?  I feel alone again.  Useless.  No meaning.  Not worth it.  I feel I’m going into circles now.  So what if I’m running into circles right now?  I feel stupid.  I feel just like a victim.  So what if I feel like a victim? 


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