She’s better than me.  I’m better than them.  He’s wiser than me.  She’s more beautiful than me.  I’m not that smart. Why can’t my country be like that one? Comparison.  Why do some of us or why do I do that?  Feeling not good enough.  Most of the energy spent is comparing. What is the point?  To thrive to be better?  Or does it make me or you feel even worse? 
All theories,  all quotes or motivational words are saying that don’t compare, comparing is bad, etc.  It talks about being myself or yourself,  but those don’t really matter much if I or you don’t truly accept and embrace who I am or who you are.  Accept and embrace all the good qualities and the bad based on my or your own perspective about ourselves. I mean, aren’t we individually unique? Even identical twins are not all identical. They may look the same, but not necessarily have the same personality.
Maybe,  I or you have already heard or know about this.  That acceptance is the key,  but it isn’t easy as it seems.  Especially for me.  But it is exhausting.  It devours me.  My soul.  My heart.  And,  my mind. 
That is my continuous learning.  To accept and just appreciate all of me.  See the beauty in me,  just like I see the beauty in others.  So, why not really.. Truly be myself or yourself. Not to compare, but to truly give to myself.  I do deserve that.  Don’t we all? 


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