I’ve always thought I express myself easily and clearly.  But it suddenly hit me (where was I the whole time?),  I haven’t been good in expressing myself through words. Most of the time (99%),  I say the wrong things.  It’s unclear,  confusing and just hanging.  Or just irritate people around me. 

So showing it isn’t enough. Words are also crucial in expressing oneself,  which I still am lacking.  My lesson is,  to think before I respond or react in my case. Thinking through on what is it what I mean.

Or is it,  it’s just who I am?  I’m just plain impulsive.  So what? Say what you mean,  mean what you say.  Really simple,  but not so easy to be it.  Wait.  Why must I think too much on the do?  Just be myself,  who is still in discovery,  who is constantly learning. Others are also learning in their own way.  Just be patient and stay open. 


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