Goodbye 2014

Today marks the moment of change. So it seems. 2014 has been a rollercoaster ride. With numerous loops that has made me spin over and over again. Yet that’s the lesson. How I held on. How I believed. How I loved. How I was hurt. How I cried. How I stayed down. How I stood back up then fall again. That’s how it was. Now what? 

How will 2015 be?  How will I become. How I am because of the events and choices I made in 2014. Will it be just the same,  or will I make new and different choices. Will I start putting myself first. Will I not only learn to love myself but truly and fully love myself. Will I make the same mistakes or will it be new and different mistakes. Will it change me. Will it bring out the best of me or will it bring out the worst. Will I inspire. Will I set a bad example. Will I love more or will I cry more.

However it may be. However it may turn out to be is my choice. Conscious choice. Not based on emotions. But based from what my heart wants.

Happy new year.
Face the life ahead,  one conscious step at a time.


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