Maybe I shouldn’t ask
Maybe I shouldn’t say how I feel
Maybe I shouldn’t show who I am
When it only creates pain
For me,  for others
When it only makes me fall apart
Again and again
But I guess that’s my curse
Of being a human
Showing how I feel
Even if it breaks me
Even there’s no pride left
At least I’m true to myself
That must count for something
At least to myself
No regrets
Because I know I’ve given my all
All of me
Good and bad
The only regret is it ended
Now,  it only stays here.. 
Inside of me
No longer received
I’ll still give it away…
In a different way… 
In every breath…  Every thought.. 
Every memory.. 
It’s OK… 
It has to be enough… 
I have to make it enough.. 
No other way,  is there?


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