3 things I regret

What will that be?  Well.  One would be,  learning French. I didn’t really took seriously at that time,  so of course I can’t speak the language. I just did it so I’d pass the class. 

Two is,  not having the courage to just be myself around my family,  meaning  my mom,  my dad and my brother.  I haven’t said how much I love them. How much I just want to show it to them. If hugging is uncomfortable,  then I could show it through just listening to them this time. Ask how their day was. Simple yet it will definitely mean a lot.

Three is,  not living a healthy life earlier or when I was much  younger. Like exercising.  I started just the past year, and in my age, of course my level of fitness has start to deteriorate. So,  I do kinda regret not exercising from a young age. If I did exercise when I was young,  the habit will be…. A routine that will make me more fit.


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