Dear future me

Dear future me, 

This can be a long list,  so I decided to make it much shorter and just focus on the big stuff. 
1. Love yourself,  which means :
*think,  say and act lovingly and    positively towards yourself.
*drink lots of water
*enough sleep is a must!!  Because these past couple of months you’ve been lack of sleep.
*just be patient. Take it one step at a time and enjoy every second of it. 

2. Accept what you can’t change. You can only change your view towards things. You can’t change the event or whoever or whatever happened. That’s OK. Just breathe.

3. Take lots of deep and steady breaths

4. Just be happy,  no matter what’s happening. No matter what you’re facing,  always see the bright side of everything.

5.  Live and love to the fullest. Live and love in the present moment. Not yesterday, not dreaming of the future.

6. Be true to yourself and the people who matter the most. 


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