Head or heart

Head has so many assumptions. So many thoughts. So many might haves and should haves. What if. What about. Could have been. Why didn’t I. Why didn’t he/she/they. How could I. How could he/she/they. As usual, like a storm raging in. No facts. Just assumptions. Prejudice. Judgments. Too scared of the consequences of asking for confirmation. Too scared it will hurt or ruin a relationship. Too worried if all the assumptions might just be true,  or maybe not. Or maybe even worse.

Heart is simple. It knows what it feels. Even though it can explain itself. It just knows,  it feels right. Then,  head comes in again asking,  what is right?  What is wrong?

A battle within one soul. Between head and heart. Most of the time, head wins. Even without flipping a coin. Even when it’s suppose to not be a game of chance. It’s just like that. Head wins over heart. Leaving heart in pain. Longing. Hurting. Sad. Disappointed. Missing. Alone. Scared,  not knowing how to be. How to act and react.

A never ending battle. So,  which one is it?


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