Why do I cry…  Again…?
For the same reason
Is it worth it?
Is it even worth to cry over it,  again and again?
Why do I break myself again?
Why do I hurt myself again?
Nobody else is responsible for this but myself,  isn’t it?
If I can do this,  why not the opposite?
Why not just leave it all behind?

The pain
The tears almost every time I remember moments
The longing
The feeling of being rejected every time
Leave it…. 
Even the happy moments
The unforgettable moments trigger longing..  Missing…. 
Just one side…..  .
Why do I still cry over this? 
It has been decided long time ago.. 
Yet I’m still in the same spot…
What do I expect?
There’s no such thing… 
It was only words… 
Doesn’t mean anything anymore
Words that has been said,  no longer matter
Is it?


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