Thoughts are like superpowers. Used too much,  it can drain you. Use just enough and when it’s needed,  it will support you. Taking control of thoughts or mind apparently is not that easy,  at least for me. I need to remind myself,  do I have a mind or does mind have me. Just like in mastery.

I’m not the brightest person out there. Even though I want some things to make sense,  my gut feeling just don’t want to. What I need vs what I want.

I used to think I have a purpose. That I serve a greater good. Now,  it just seems different. Looking in does look selfish,  doesn’t it?  I guess I was always scared looking at me. So,  I didn’t love myself enough. I thought serving people is what will define me. I thought wrong. That mostly puts pressure. I keep wanting to do more,  but not really consider myself in the picture. Kinda difficult to explain. Point is,  I need to pay attention to me, and put myself first. Not meaning to be selfish. But u have unconsciously running from myself. Most because I want to fit in to others expectations instead of my own. 


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