Morning randomness


100 intention + 0 mechanism = 100 result.

So what is intention?
How is 100 intention look like? 

When you say my condition is better than yours or worst than yours,  isn’t that comparing? When you say you’re not comparing,  isn’t that actually comparing?  Even when I write this things,  in the back of my head I know another human being might have a different view on this. Because it is different. You are different. I am different. How can you compare if each one of us are different? 

Basic needs might be slightly similar,  need for nourishment and shelter some of it. But,  what kind or what each one of us consider as nourishment and shelter can also be different. That’s how amazing our creator is. The more humans multiply,  the more diverse we are. The more we’re challenged to see, to feel and to embrace one another.

Connected. You or I connect in different ways. Doesn’t matter how or who or whether it’s fast of slow. What matters is accepting each other. 

I’m still learning. Constantly. So..  I maybe annoying to some. And it’s OK. I’m also learning to react differently than I’m used to. Am I staying in the same circle?  Maybe. How you see things are different than how I see it. I might say my view is right and it is right but only to me. The same goes for you. 

Neutral is not letting whatever situation or feeling or thought you have control you. That’s it. Nothing attached to the situation.

Ah well..  Too deep conversation too early in the morning. Time to go back to bed. Rest is a basic need too. 


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