Hope lies in possibilities. Everything has gotten too easy to acquire. So when things get tough, I get stuck. Like this moment. I’m not sure what to write
Why?  I guess,  humans have agreed on what’s good or not using any documents that exist out there… 

Including myself. Which stops me to see possibilities. Other things out of the ordinary. No one likes it when they’re belief is challenged. Of course defenses will go up. No one likes to be fragile and exposed. When you are,  it’s easier to get hurt. That’s just human. A natural reaction when we feel like we’re being attacked. It’s instinct.

Doesn’t mean I’m not open,  doesn’t mean you or we are not open. It’s a natural reaction to survive. It’s what each one of us learn from our society. It’s just how it is. Each one of us though,  put weight to it and make it an even bigger attack than it actually is. That is also human. It’s just automatic.

Everything around us teaches us to see,  feel and judge it in a certain way, but do each one of us truly see? Purely see and feel it?  That’s the discovery isn’t it?  To truly be who you are,  to truly see and feel. There are possibilities. Always another side to a story that has yet to be explored.

Me,  I’m used to see things as right and wrong. Mostly wrong on my side. It’s a pattern I need to break. Or maybe not break but learn to shift faster. When I visit victim land, it’s always hard for me to get out. Thus,  I lose so many things along the way.

Now what? 

Just be myself. Be patient and gentle towards myself. Open my heart for my sake.  For my son. Be human. Not a super human who can’t get hurt. Being human is about letting all of it come to you,  and feel it. Then,  let go of it immediately. Not creating attachments on anything. Not a person and especially not on a situation.

Possibilities is about creation.
Attachments can destroy. Love doesn’t mean one is attached but it also doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Challenge 1 : Learning to love without attachments is possible.

Let’s do this!! 


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