Mount Prau, Dieng, Wonosobo


May 1st to may 3rd,  I decided to join an open trip to Sikunir and Mount Prau in Dieng with 18 total strangers.

I’m not a hiker. I’ve only hiked one mountain so far,  Mount Papandayan in 2013. Was I well prepared?  Physically,  no. We decided to go up through patak banteng. Blogs I’ve read says it’s the quickest way up but not the easiest way up. I proved it. Was it the easiest?  Not at all for me. Even after post 1,  I was starting to experience foot cramps. From post 2 to post 3,  the cramps gone up to my calves. It was painful. I couldn’t move,  and even had a panic attack and was hyperventilating. First time ever. 

It was drizzling and started to rain. The way up gotten darker and of course slippery. Shoe got stuck in the mud.

Then…  I realized,  no point of proving anything to anyone,  not even myself. My thoughts was just going up,  survive and not let my group worry. Then I also knew..  Even strangers cared. Why?  As a fellow human being,  we just take care of each other in so many ways.

So,  just trust.
Let go and move on.. 
Cause that’s what humans do.. 

My let go moment was after I got all cleaned up and change my wet clothes. After a meal,  I look up…  Stars…  Thank God for letting me witness this…  I was so tired didn’t even take a lot of pictures from this trip…  I saved it all in my head. 

Sky full of stars…  Beautiful…  The dark wasn’t so scary after all.

The next day was Sunrise…  The view of other mountains were a clear view. Beautiful. Took pictures with messages to my friends..  Not much. Not a surprise. That was the best I could do.

After breakfast we prepare ourselves to get down. Different path than the way up..  Not necessarily easier,  but I just wanted to enjoy the view,  the conversation and wanted to get back soon. Of course no pictures in the savanna. It’s OK I guess…  It’s not about taking loads of pictures.  I was there to enjoy the view. Challenge my fears. And I did.. 

That should be enough for now.. 


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