No more

It’s hard not to get bitter when even the people who are most important to you just use you. They just do,  and only when it’s convenient for them. When they need you,  they say hi,  they ask you how you’re doing etc. When they don’t,  you’re just a nobody. It’s also hard not to get sucked into it and also become one.

Most of the time,  when I share stuff,  for people it’s always an act of being ungrateful. Maybe they’re right,  cause they all seem to be more certain than I am of my own thoughts and feelings.

Grow up!
Grow up!

I can’t change the world. I can’t change what people do,  or think or say to me.  Of course they think they’re right. They are always right.  And me?  Who cares what I think or feel?  No one does except me.

In the end, everyone’s in it for themselves. So little caring. Genuinely caring. All that becomes a nuisance. Just a bother. That’s what I’ve become. Nothing but a bother.


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