Be strong

It’s OK to cry
It’s OK to feel the pain
To feel the sadness
To feel the hole you have now
Feel it
Was it an illusion
Was 1 year an illusion,  a dream?
It was real
As real as it can be
Another ride in life
Time to move on,  my dear
Be strong even when there’s sadness
Be brave even when there’s pain
Stand up even when you’re legs are shaking
Look up even when you feel useless
Be warm even when you’re shivering
Because that’s always been you
You know it too,  don’t you
No matter how hard
No matter how it hurts
No matter how many times you get knocked down
You will always be warm,  brave and strong
No,  your wings are not broken
It’s just rusty
Hasn’t been used to fly for a long time
Just learn again and again and again
It’s always been there
Within you,  always


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