Fly on the wall

Your the witness of everything
Of how it ended
Of tears,  laughter, joy,  love,  sadness and sorrow
Silently,  you listen and saw it all
Just there
Doing what flies do,  fly
Or stick on a wall
Finding a possible way out of the wall
Sometimes,  silence is all I need
After letting it all out
After that…  Embracing myself in the silence is just the only way
To keep on living
And I do keep living,  despite what people see
All the output of emotions
I’m still standing,  even when my legs are shaking
Even when tears feel like it can’t stop falling
Even when I feel like I don’t want to
Yet there’s this small voice that gives me strength
Saying..  It’s life
You’ve lived
You didn’t run away
You faced it head on
Be proud
Even when you don’t know what will become of all this.. 
Despite the uncertainty in action
You know how you truly feel
Sometimes,  just that is enough
You know who you have been


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