Time left

There’s no other time than now. Too many people think they have time, but the fact is no one really knows how much time they have left. Too much time used to think there’s still tomorrow. Too much of,  I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll say it tomorrow. And tomorrow becomes the next day and so on until years and years so many things are left unsaid,  and not done.

I’m not scared of death. What I’m scared is regrets. Regret for not doing the things I could have done.  Regret for not saying the things I could have said. Regret for not showing what mattered. Those are the things I wish not to happen when I’m seconds to death. So,  no regrets.

I wish to look back and say,  I’ve done enough. I did the things I wanted to do. Say the things I always wanted to say. And that is enough.

I guess that’s just me. Or maybe there are people who also wish this. I don’t know.  Right now,  I feel like whatever I’ve done or said always gets rejected or ignored. So maybe,  I must decide on “enough” earlier than my death someday.


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