Everything changes
Changes happen for something new to be born
You’re stuck because you can’t keep up
Old and rusty believing something different from the stream
People come and go
It hurts when you care
But be brave to accept the change
Be brave to see that people will leave and forget you
That’s ok
As long as you remember
That’s all what matters
Let them forget you
But never forget how they’ve touched you and shaped who you are today
Those who were gentle to you
Those who were patient with  you
Those who pretend
Those who ignored you
Those who say the truth is mean
Every single one of them
The ones who has the biggest impact to your life
Remember them
Even when the memories give you a flood of mixed feelings
Remember them
And be thankful
Even when you say it to them and they don’t listen,
It’s ok,  be thankful through your prayers


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