Noise cancelling on!


Ear plugs in
Music on max volume
People around me busy with their gadgets,  like me
Busy street
Everybody is going somewhere
To live they say
Busy,  busy to live
Is there any connection other than with gadgets in your hand
The laptop in front of you
The road in front of you
Is there a single soul connected in this busy,  busy world
Everybody for themselves
For their life,  the say
It’s a choice,  they say,  with who we want to be connected to
Aren’t we social beings
Aren’t we utterly connected in some way
Yet we choose to use a tool to stay connected
Easier,  they say
Convenient,  they say
Safer,  they say
Yet misunderstandings are created
Yet we never are satisfied
Yet the connection is never really enough
It’s not the soul
It’s just mind,  words,  physic
Not the soul,  not the heart
It’s missing the most important parts
It’s too scary
It’s too much trouble
Too much heartache
No,  not safe for me


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