Save yourself

Be brave. Be strong. Even when you don’t feel like it nowadays. It’s scary. It’s hard. But lift yourself anyway. Little by little. No need to push yourself to be like someone else. No need to push yourself too hard too quick. Shut your ears. Even though people seem to understand, they don’t really know exactly what you’re going through. Say thank you,  and shut your mouth, because people would say you’re not listening. But you know you do. You listen too much that you’re lost and overwhelmed in the words.

Cry if you feel like it. Never in front of anyone anymore, because it will only show that you’re over sensitive or weak or even pathetic.

Never ignore the people in your life. That’s good,  but most of all,  don’t ignore yourself for others.

This is the time, you need yourself and no one else.

“secure your mask on first, and then assist the other person”


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