There there

There there…  Stop the tears from flowing,  dear
Yes it does hurt again,  and it will always will because it matters so much for you,  isn’t it?
Don’t you think it’s enough already?
See what’s in front of you.. 
There’s just so many things you can be grateful for every moment in every single day
Crying or being sad doesn’t mean you’re not grateful,  I know
You just miss how some things were,  and wished it didn’t go away
It’s life,  no?
Change…  Coming and leaving… 
People judging you no matter what you do… 
Who do want to be? 
The path you choose won’t be easy and it’s not easy even now,  isn’t it?
But,  you’ll get through it
So what, if people see you cry and sad?
You know you’re worth,  don’t you?
Hold on to that!  No matter what… 


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