You ☀️

I’m no poet
No writer of love songs
But every thought of you brings rhythm to my soul
You shake my whole being like no other
Like I’ve never known love before
Like you’re the first of everything

You trigger this whole side of me that I’ve never known before
You… help me recreate who I will become


Boom! Meledak kembali semua kenangan
Tentang yang pernah mampir mengisi
Raga, hati, jiwa, dan angan
Memenuhinya lagi tanpa permisi

Dia hanya mampir sekejap
Bukan mau tinggal
Sebentar saja akan lenyap
Meninggalkanmu terpenggal

Jaga jarak selagi sempat
Karena dia selalu terbang sesukanya
Berhenti berharap dia akan menetap
Karena dirimu sendiri yang teraniaya

Jadilah jiwa yang bebas
Terbang dibawa angin dan menari

Hard to breathe

Lost in your own breath

Struggling to emerge from the darkness within 

Created your own tomb 

Suicide isn’t always shooting yourself or drinking poison 

Suicide can be slow,  subtle 

An addiction to pain,  that kills silently 

Eats your whole being,  your soul

It starts from the difficulty  to breathe 

And again it blows to your last strike 

Who are you? 

Looking into the mirror 

Not recognizing the reflection in it

Who is that person? 

What is the story behind that sad smile? 

Why is she holding on to that much sorrow? 

Isn’t the pain enough? 

Why can’t she cry anymore? 

Why is she bottling all those emotions inside? 

When there’s just so much beauty inside